best known methods for dual boot with XP with functionalhibernate?

Bill Schoolcraft Bill at
Tue Oct 21 15:15:18 PDT 2003

Timothy Luoma wrote:
> I am getting ready to try and do this with my Dell 7500 so I'm
> particularly interested in how to do this correctly.
> I have a 29gb hard drive, 512mb ram and (IIRC) a 16mb video card.  So if I
> understand correctly I have to make a "Save to Disk" partition of 528mb.
> What I plan to do is this:
> 1) Make a 10gb FAT32 partition (so it can be mounted R/W from FreeBSD) for
> WinXP
> 2) Make a Save to Disk (S2D) partition
> 3) Install FreeBSD in the remaining space
> I have "D5788807.exe" and "Z5788807.exe" which I downloaded from Dell's
> website.  I believe one of these will make the S2D partition.  I have
> turned on 'Save to disk' (instead of save to ram) in the BIOS.
> How does WinXP know to use the partition and not create a hibernation file?
> For that matter, how does FreeBSD know to use it?  What do I need to
> install once I get FBSD running to enable it?  (I'm a relative newbie to
> FBSD, but I did get 4.8 installed on the machine without much trouble).

In the past when doing support for Dell laptops (running Linux) I had to
use their utility called "phdisk*.exe" which had some different results
as did when laptops were shipped from the factory.

One customer had a functional laptop and then doubled his memory and
insisted we adjust the suspend to disk partition, it was as actually an
OS/2 partition "BUT" coming from the factory was placed at the front of
the drive (first primary partition) -- that was how they were shipped
from Dell.  But what happened when we ran that utility, the one
downloaded from the Dell site, it created a (primary) partition AT THE
END OF THE DRIVE, unlike how the customers laptop was shipped to him
from the factory.

The utility actually queried the system for the amount of memory then
made the appropriate size partition.  There were many different
downloadable images from Dell based on the laptop model so beware.

Bill Schoolcraft

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