Aladar Luke aladar98 at freemail.hu
Tue Oct 7 02:35:25 PDT 2003

Dear Tony,

I would like to write my own driver to RTL8180 chip based 802.11b
card. It is an embedded desing, so I can not use any other driver.
However I haven't find the datasheet for this chip. You mentioned
you have it. Is it possible to send it over email?
If yes please be so kind to do that.

Thanks in advance

 >A brief update, I now have a datasheet for Realtek's RTL8180 802.11b
 >I am not committing myself to anything just yet, but I shall study the
 >data, (possibly at the weekend), and estimate whether it is sufficient
 >for me to try my hand at writing a driver.

 >Anthony Naggs tony at ubik.demon.co.uk

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