sjog, spic0 and the GRX570?

George Hartzell hartzell at
Sun Nov 30 22:03:18 PST 2003

Thomas Lippert writes:
 > [...]
 >  I got the same thing from sjog, not sure why. If what you're after is
 > scrolling you can use moused for that. "moused -t jogdial -p /dev/jogdial"
 > is I
 > believe the incantation that worked on my 560 under 4.x. may be a bit
 > different under 5.x.
 > I haven't yet bothered to try their. Perhaps somebody else can enlighten us
 > both about sjog.
 > hope that helps

Empirically, if I want the touchpad/buttons *and* the jogdial to work
for scrolling, I have to start moused twice, once w/

  moused -t auto -p /dev/psm0

and once with

  moused -t jogdial -p /dev/jogdial

Is there a cleaner way?


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