Latitude D800

Sean Welch welchsm at
Sun Nov 30 21:02:15 PST 2003

Actually, Dave, you can specify a timestamp.  Add a line of this format
to your supfile to do just that:

*default date=2002.

The timestamp in the above line corresponds to 12:12 on the 16th of
March 2002.

Please note that you must include all digits -- no shortcuts.  There is
more info in the manpage.



>>>>> "Randy" == Randy Bush <randy at> writes:

>> -CURRENT on your workstation says "I use this shit" ... :)
Randy> after throwing three days into -current to get athelon support
Randy> for my t40, i found it did not really work.  so, imiho, current
Randy> says you have too much free time on your hands.  isn't that why
Randy> it's called freebsd?

I dunno.  I've had a relatively sane trip on -CURRENT for some time.
There have been rockier periods... but the amount of time that I'm
out-of-commission due to -CURRENT has been very small... and usually
fixed by an overnight rebuild or somesuch.

... but -CURRENT is, as they say, for the developers.  I'm not sure of
the benifit for non-developers to be at -CURRENT.

I do maintain a few other peoples machines at varying stages of
-CURRENT.  I find it helpful to have a machine to test an update on
first.  One small flaw in cvsup is that you can't specify a timestamp
to sync the files to.  That would make things more sane.


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