Unable to use flsh/q-time/mpeg/ports,etc

WiggTekMicro Corp wiggtekmicro at comcast.net
Sat Nov 29 02:29:29 PST 2003

I apologize if I appeared to be condisending to anyone with my
frustrated manor, in my prior email.  I will be more basic, and
emotionless in future emails. 

I am not saying that I am one of those guys who clusters.  I am a
physics major, and use UNIX as a hobby/only source of computer
interface.  I am new to the FreeBSD side, and have had extensive
problems with turn-key answers such as "read-the-website" and
"there-are-tons-of-things-to-read" .

The problem is never finding something to read, or simply reading the
websites such as FreeBSD.org.  The problem comes when I have a current,
practical, problem that require  simply having the appropriate
applications, or pkg-add/port information.  

Such as ports, half of the ports that I try to install, other than the
hard-core server/hacker/"cluster" stuff, does not even finish the make

People always seem to say that things are so straight-forward, even
simple, on FreeBSD, but I ended up having to choose my own method of
partitioning, via trial and error full installations, in lou of having
three books, and the fbsdmall handbook, available, just to keep the
system from thinking that its filesystem was full, when it actuallly had
150 gigs left everywhere other than the /root 's partition.

Back to the simple answer of, "Well he just must not be very savy..."  I
have read enough to know that there is not a very good explanation of
how to get simple things to work/play on Freebsd.  I am unable to even
download and install the port for some things, it always gives me an
error 1, and refers to some error file, which is never mentioned in any
book that I have ever read(3+freebsdmall handbook).  The same with
/port/net/openldap-server-etc... However, when I downloaded it from the
site, and tar-ed it up, I have the full working software.  I am still
trying to find a way to install openoffice.  There are several entries
in the ports tree, however, the one that I need to work,  never finished
the "make" fetching process.  I assume that the make file is refering to
the wrong places, but I did not alter them, so why are they shipping
with incorrect information in more than just that port tree????  I guess
now one may at least understand the cause of my frustration. (I would

If you have a website that I can read and that will at least give me a
usable port tree to download and install a working version of
flash-enabled mozilla, then I will humbly bow down before your extensive

Otherwise, I am still unable to find out how to install the plugins for
mozilla, or even figure out how to use linux software, since I have
installed the compatibility for base 7.1,etc...  I have just installed
netscape 7.1 via the linux-installer version, but when I tried to
install the flash-installer, it knew that it was not on linux, but
freebsd.  Why the difference if linux is supposed to run on freebsd?

Those loop-holes in the turn-key explanations on such websites as the
ones that you are probably talking about, are the ones that have been
giving me a problem, for the last month, in between Classical Mechanics
and Electromagnetism work/projects.  


Martes G.W.
Wiggtekmicro Corp.
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