thinkpad R40 freebsd preperation questions...

Peter Radcliffe pir at
Sat Nov 22 10:08:16 PST 2003

Tobias Roth <roth at> probably said:
> if i remeber correctly, hibernation partitions will not
> work. 

Not true.

> instead you have to use that ibm floppy to create a hibernation
> file. it will be created on the first available FAT partition. so
> you might want to think twice before converting the Win XP partition
> to NTFS. if you do that, you will need to make an ordinary FAT
> partition and then create the hibernation file therein.

Files may also work, if you have a FAT partition, but the suspend to
disk partition certainly does work (even if you have a FAT partition)
and the XP installation on my X30 automatically converts itself to
NTFS (the recovery CD install finishes the install and then converts
to NTFS) so on this particular machine I didn't have the choice.
I would assume that other modern IBMs runing XP are the same.

I have an X30 with an NTFS partition and a suspend to disk partition.
Both work just fine.



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