FreeBSD Vs ThinkPad T40 or R40?

Pisut Tempatarachoke pxt at
Wed May 28 00:46:25 PDT 2003


I'm new to this mailing group and have just started to learn about FreeBSD
on a laptop.  I'm looking at getting an IBM laptop (either T40 or R40) but
have no idea how much of its hardware will be supported by FreeBSD.  Does
anyone have an experience with using FreeBSD on either one of these models?
If possible, could anyone please answer my questions below:

- Does FreeBSD support Centrino technology?
- What is the maximum screen resolution FreeBSD supports?  What resolution
is recommenderd?
- Does FreeBSD support USB 2.0?
- What is the maximum memory supported?
- What are general hardware-FreeBSD-incompatibility issues I should be aware
of when making a decision?
- I'm planning to have my laptop dual-bootable with Windows XP pro and
FreeBSD.  Would I be able to access data on my FreeBSD partition from my
Windows partition, and vice versa?
- Are there good books out there that will get me started on FreeBSD? (I do
have some UNIX background, not very strong though.)
- Any other comments or suggestions on which laptop model I should go for
are very welcome.

Thank you very much all!



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