Centrino Laptop (Acer 800Cli) and 5.1

Duncan Barclay dmlb at dmlb.org
Tue May 20 14:18:44 PDT 2003

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> : Well, I've got 5.1-BETA booting and building kernels! The culprit...
> : cardbus. I'll get you a dmesg output from succesful and un-succesful
> : The laptop is standard apart from there being a fixed Smart card reader
> : instead of two slots.
> OK.  Next group of debugging:
> 1) PCIBIOS or ACPI to route pci interrupts?

In both cases the machine hangs.

> 2) One slot or two (it wasn't clear to me)

One physical slot I can plug a Type II card into. The second "slot" is
already used by an inbuilt Smart Card reader.

> 3) Same interrupt for both slots, or different interrupts?

Need to look.

> 4) What is the bridge chipset for cardbus?

Three devices that exist in the PCI space (bus:device:function)
    2:6:0    vendor 0x1217, device 0x7114
    2:6:1    vendor 0x1217, device 0x7114
    2:6:2    vendor 0x1217, device 0x7110

According to SiSoft's Sandra, these are O2Micro OZ711Mx cardbus controllers.
> Based on your answers, we go to the next level.
> Warner

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