IEEE 1394 support

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Sat May 17 08:38:04 PDT 2003

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            <john at> writes:
: ie, if it sez 'firewire' on it, it 'Just Works'(tm), be it cardbus,
: pcmcia, pci or isa?( dont think there are any isa firewire cards out there
: - tho if there are pcmcia cards, then i suppose it could be possible)

remove 16-bit stuff from that, and yet.  There's no support for things
that aren't ohci-fw based.  As far as I know, this covers most
firewire chips.

If there were ISA/PCMCIA firewire cards, then they'd be very slow
devices (100Mbps isn't possible sustained).  They also wouldn't be
supported without a lot of work.

: next question is a bit hard to ask tersely, but i'll try...
: does firewire avoid the goofyness that usb, usb2.0 has where the plug is
: the same, but the chips' bus interface is apparantly not the same? ie usb
: is supported in FreeBSD and usb2 is not. is there older, slower, firewire
: things and newer, faster, firewire things and they all work? (did that
: make sense?)

USB 1 and USB 2 are mechanically and electrically compatible.
FreeBSD's support for 2.0 is weak right now, although I know that the
ehci bridges are now in the tree.  I've used usb2 devices in a slower
usb1 speeds once in the past.


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