card bus on 5.0

M. Warner Losh imp at
Wed May 7 09:01:15 PDT 2003

In message: <3EB919A5.6050209 at>
            Laszlo Vagner <george at> writes:
: fresh install of 5.0-R onto a thinkpad 760xd (old)
: my pcmcia network card doesn't work cause
: cbb0 TI1130 pci card bus bridge
: card bus0 <cardbus> on cbb0
: pccard0 <16 bit pc card bus> on cbb0
: cbb unable to map irq
: device probe and attach  cbb0 attach returned 12
: suggestions please
: everything was working in 4.8 with the exception of being able to reboot
: now i can reboot in 5.0  but have no cardbus function.

Looks like it can't route interrupts.  Can you send me a dmesg from a
boot -v?


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