Bluetooth stack for FreeBSD

Maksim Yevmenkin m_evmenkin at
Thu May 1 15:06:38 PDT 2003

Dear Hackers, 

I'm very pleased to announce that another release is available for download at

Below is a quick summary of changes:

- ng_ubt(4) driver now has general USB_MATCH() routune. The driver now 
  looks at bDeviceClass, bDeviceSubClass and bDeviceProtocols fields in
  USB device descriptor.

- Typo in ng_ubt(4) source was fixed

- New firmware driver ubtbcmfw(4) for Broadcom BCM2033 based devices.
  and updated bcmfw(8) tool. Please try it let me know if it works for
  you. I've ordered Belkin BCM2033 based device, but it did not arrived
  yet (backorder).

- HCI layer had minor cleanup. Unused code was removed.

- L2CAP layer now has auto disconnect feature for baseband connections.
  L2CAP layer keeps reference count to baseband connection descriptor,
  as soon as reference count drops to zero an auto disconnect timer starts.
  If auto disconnect timer expires then L2CAP layers send HCI disconnect
  command to the device. The value of auto disconnect timeout is cofigurable
  per each device. Range 1 - 65535 seconds, 0 - means no auto disconnect.
  Note: auto disconnect only works for outgoing connections.

- l2control(8) has new commands to read/write auto disconnect timeout. Be
  sure to check out l2control(8) man page. The output of the l2contol(8)'s
  "read_connection_list" command has changed.

- new rfcomm_sppd(8) utility. This utility uses RFCOMM sockets and pty(4)
  interface and can create virtual serial ports. People can now use gnokii
  and similar stuff over Bluetooth link. 

- All userspace utilities now understand and document -h command like option

- Several man pages were updated

- sdpd port was fixed and database transfers between Palm and PC should work

- new port p3nfs was added. This is NFS client (or server? :) for Symbian
  OS based devices. You should be able to run it over Bluetooth with
  rfcomm_sppd(8). Note: I do not have any Symbian OS devices, so this code
  was not tested. 

  For more details, please see
Please be sure to check Pav Lucistnik's <pav at> Bluetooth on FreeBSD
web page ( If you have any questions
please let me know, also please do not forget to CC to one of the FreeBSD
mailing lists.


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