strange PPP negotiation problem with GPRS mobile phone

Alessandro de Manzano ale at
Mon Jun 30 13:43:08 PDT 2003

On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 12:44:51PM -0700, Doug White wrote:

> Quick analysis: It doesn't like something in the negotiation, since it
> rejects config attempts. Usually its supposed to tell you what it didn't
> like, but I'm not seeing that in the printout.

mmm... seems you're right, I'm starting to understand a bit of PPP's
logfile ;)
All that Recv config Rejected..

> Try reducing the MTU. its about the only thing you can adjust :)

tried, either MTU or MRU, either as "set mtu ..." (1440, 1492, etc.) or
"set mtu max ..." , nothing changes :(

> I wonder if you can turn this off:
> > Jun 30 20:55:58 asusmobile ppp[134]: tun0: LCP: deflink: SendIdent(6) state = Ack-Sent
> > Jun 30 20:55:58 asusmobile ppp[134]: tun0: LCP:  MAGICNUM 46e4317a
> > Jun 30 20:55:58 asusmobile ppp[134]: tun0: LCP:  TEXT user-ppp 3.1 (built Jun 15 2003)

Turn off what ? Sorry, but I lost you ;( ;)

I'm *sure* it is some stupid/odd thing in PPP config, because that
@!#$%& of Win's PPP works fine :((


However many many thanks for your kind help !

If you've some other hints I'm always here ;)) 




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