laptop suspend states behaviour

Jesse Guardiani jesse at
Thu Jun 26 11:52:04 PDT 2003

Cliff L. Biffle wrote:

> On Thursday 26 June 2003 03:10 am, Stijn Hoop wrote:
>> I'm sorry to say that most of the suspend states aren't very useful. Are
>> people able to use any suspend method on other laptops?
> Yes.
> From following this list, it sounds like ACPI in FreeBSD is horribly
> broken on
> the vast majority of modern laptops.  I am fortunate enough not to own
> modern laptops. :-)

That's the impression I get too. I personally can't decide if I think the
problem is with FreeBSD's code, or with manufacturer's failing to follow

I think it's mostly the manufacturer's fault, but I think FreeBSD's ACPI
and APM efforts are slightly inferior to Linux's on average. That has been _my_
experience anyway. APM works flawlessly under Debian Woody Linux on my
IBM A30p, but requires major user space kludging to work well under FreeBSD

It's not enough to make me want to go back to linux though... :) Not even

> On my Toshiba Satellite 1605, ACPI suspend (to RAM and to disk) works
> flawlessly.  It's worth noting that ACPI suspend-to-disk is several times
> faster than APM suspend-to-disk.  This machine now runs Gentoo, however,
> because of the lurking M5237 USB bug (which I've finally gotten offers for
> help on, six months later, but can't have the downtime required to
> reinstall the OS twice to test).
> On my IBM Thinkpad 755CX, APM suspend (to RAM and to disk) also works
> flawlessly, and is much faster than the Satellite since it's maxed out
> with
> 40MB of RAM.  :-)
> I recently picked up an HP Pavilion N5290 (like the other two, it died and
> was discarded by someone who couldn't solder); it's running Gentoo by
> default after my issues with USB on the Satellite, so I can't comment
> there. Hardware suspend doesn't work -at- -all- on it in Linux, but
> software suspend
> in their kernel does.  You just have to manually patch your kernel to do
> it. Whee.

Software suspend would make a pretty neat option for FreeBSD, I think. I bet
we could do it at least as well as those Linux folks too.

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