ACPI Patch/DSDT .asl for Dell Inspiron 5000

Isaac Waldron iwaldron at
Sun Jun 22 18:24:29 PDT 2003

I have fixed the "stock" DSDT for my Dell Inspiron 5000 (Model: PPM).  It 
compiles fine using iasl from the acpicatools port, and enabling ACPI no 
longer causes the LCD to blank on startup.

Additionally, I have written a patch for version 1.29 of the 
sys/dev/acpica/acpi_ec.c.  The patch affects the EcWaitEventIntr function to 
better parallel the functionality of the EcWaitEvent function.  In summary, 
the changes are:

1)  Added a call to AcpiOsStall to wait one microsecond before reading the 
embedded control status for the first time (this is done in EcWaitEvent).
2)  Re-wrote the remainder of the function to use a single call to ACPI_MSLEEP 
that will wait up to 10 ms (again, from EcWaitEvent) for the embedded control 
status to be updated.

I wrote this patch to reduce the frequency of "ACPI-0432: *** Error: Handler 
for [EmbeddedControl] returned AE_ERROR" errors.  The code was written in a 
way to call tsleep 10 times and wait for only 1 tick each time.  This 
resulted in a wait that was too short on my machine.  The patch has cleared 
up most of the errors by increasing the wait time.

Both of the files are available at

Isaac Waldron

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