bsd-airtools and 5.1-REL

Dan Langille dan at
Sun Jun 22 07:52:15 PDT 2003

On 22 Jun 2003 at 7:25, iCe wrote:

> i have gotten bsd-airtools working with freebsd
> 4.8-release, but it doesnt seem to pick up networks
> not broadcasting ssid, so im guessing that it doesnt
> totally work yet. 

Why do you conlude the above?

> i wasnt able to get my wireless card
> working at all in 5, i havent 5.1 yet but when i do
> i'll let you know.
> oh yeah i am using an orinoco gold card.

My gold and silver card both work with 4.8.  And with my WAP which 
does not broadcast the SSID.  I have this:

$ cat /etc/start_if.wi0
ifconfig wi0 inet netmask 0xffffff00 \
   ssid "myssid" \
        channel MYCHANNEL

change myssid to your ssid, and MYCHANNEL to the channel you are 
using.  You might also want to add wepmode and wepkey.  But get the 
basics going first.
Dan Langille :

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