bsd-airtools and 5.1-REL

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Sat Jun 21 20:27:32 PDT 2003

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Subject: Re: bsd-airtools and 5.1-REL

> > Has anyone been able to get bsd-airtools to work in 5.1-release? Each
time i
> > try dstumbler it outputs this error:
> > 'error: unable to ioctl device socket: Input/output error'. I'm using a
> > orinoco wavelan silver wireless card.
> you must leave up the device !
> ifconfig wi0 up
> if wi0 is the device

This doesn't work. I always bring the interface up before trying dstumbler,
and just for the sake of it assign it an ip-address. The result is still the
error message above. Any other suggestions?


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