Getting wi(4) cards talking between -stable & -current ???

Wesley Morgan morganw at
Fri Jun 20 07:00:03 PDT 2003

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Soeren Schmidt wrote:

> The wi driver in -current seem to be out of sync with ifconfig/wicontrol
> as wicontrol warns about -p (I use adhoc mode):
> warning: flag p deprecated, migrate to ifconfig mediaopt
> and ifconfig with mediaopt says its not configured ??

You are correct about the options (last I checked). Notice the "flag0" in
your ifconfig line... From comments Warner has made nad other source, it
appears you are running one card in IEEE peer-peer mode and the other in
the "demo ad-hoc" mode, which are incompatible.

On your -stable machine, use:
wicontrol -p 1

On -current use:
/sbin/ifconfig wi0 media autoselect mediaopt adhoc ssid <xxxx>

You shouldnt need wicontrol on -current at all. I'm fairly certain this
was the setup that allowed my lucent cards to communicate. If that does
not work, check the output of "ifconfig -m wi0" on -current and see what
options give you adhoc without the "flag0"!

Good luck!

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