wireless card

Jon Disnard diz at linuxpowered.com
Tue Jul 8 08:54:41 PDT 2003

M. Warner Losh wrote:
> In message: <20030707204147.GA59055 at lethargic.dyndns.org>
>             Jason Hunt <leth at primus.ca> writes:
> : On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 03:49:21PM -0500, Jon Disnard wrote:
> : > Avoid the Lucent cards like plauge. They are of major suck.
> : 
> : What's so bad about Lucent cards?  I've been using them for the last
> : couple of years w/o any big issues.  I'll admit that I've not tried anything
> : other than Lucent (ie: Cisco/Prism), but I don't see what is wrong with
> : them.
> Lucent cards are decent, just that the current driver has some
> problems...

Yes this is true, and I should have been more correct originally. I 
meant that the cards are of major suck because of driver weirdness, and 
the lack of hostap mode. Although, I'm still frustrated with the if_wi.c 
but not as frustrated as i look at the HCF code. Given the above, i tell 
people to forget their cards based on the Hermes chips (lucent, orinoco, 
etc), and go with atheros or intersil based card.


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