FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE on IBM ThinkPad T30

Jake Khuon khuon at NEEBU.Net
Mon Dec 8 16:15:49 PST 2003

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ss> I had a chance to play with the machine again today
ss> and I now have everything but the builtin wireless
ss> card mostly working.  Is the Cisco Aironet MPI350 card
ss> supposed to work on this machine?  I found a vague pointer at
ss> (with GENERIC, I had the same symptoms as the OP of that thread).

I did a firmware downgrade but still couldn't get it to boot the 5.1R
installer... hangs in the same place after attempting to probe the card.  I
was able to get it working under 4.9R though.

ss> Is it still necessary to downgrade the firmware?  What is the procedure
ss> to do that?

This is what I did:

[0] boot into Windows

[1] download firmware 5.00.01 from Cisco's site

[2] run self-extracting exectuable file and store new firmware in someplace
    like C:\Program Files\Cisco System\Aironet Client Utility\Firmware

[3] download NDIS Windows driver 2.22 from Cisco's site (necessary to have
    Windows work with older firmware)

[4] run self-extracting exectuable file and store new drivers in someplace
    like C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\MPI350v222

[5] launch Cisco's client utility app

[6] click on load firmware and maneuver through until you get to where you
    placed your firmware and select it then follow the instructions to
    continue flashing it

--- Skip step 7 if you don't care about Windows ---

[7] open up the properties page for your wireless card and attempt to update
    the drivers (this will be different for various versions of Windows) and
    update with the 2.22 NDIS drivers

[8] shutdown Windows and boot into FreeBSD

[9] confirm you can see the card with ifconfig and ancontrol

Hope that helps...

Note - You don't need to download the whole kit-n-kaboodle from Cisco...
just the firmware and drivers.  The latest client utility will still work

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