FreeBSD 5.1 & Cisco Aironet 350 MiniPCI

Peter Radcliffe pir at
Wed Dec 3 13:46:33 PST 2003

Mandus Elfving <mandus.elfving at> probably said:
> I tried 4.9 before going over to 5.1 and it didn't say anything about my 
> Cisco card when probing so I assumed it dosen't work in 4.9. Instead I 
> downloaded 5.1.
> Is it possible to get the card working in release 4.9?

I use a Cisco 350 MiniPCI card with 4.9-STABLE on my X30, have been
with 4-STABLE for quite a while.

All you should have to do is load the an driver module, or compile a
kernel with the an driver built in.



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