auto config NICs in rc.conf

Tobias Roth roth at
Mon Aug 18 12:59:29 PDT 2003

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 08:17:21PM +0200, Marc H. wrote:
> Is there an utility to do autodetection of LAN config?
> I've written a script to do this with a exhaustive list of the places I 
> connect my laptop, the script do ifconfig, ping the gateway ip@ and if 
> ECHO_REPLY then exit with this parmeters. Someone could tell me how 
> and rc.d/[123] are to be used in order to insert my 
> script ?

i am working on a more or less complete solution that will hopefully,
if it proves to be general and stable enough, be integrated into the
source tree. it also works with read-only boot, does dhcp and is
seamlessly integrated into rcng.

i will unleash a first test version to -current and -mobile in a few days,
possibly some day next week. we will then see whether it works for other
people as well at it does for me.

if you want to integrate your own scripts, reading rc(8) will help.

cheers, t.

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