FBSD on toshiba satellite pro TE2100???

Hank Hampel lists at niamodnikufesin.de
Fri Aug 1 03:13:56 PDT 2003

Hi everybody!

On (030727), P. M. wrote:
> Im thinking of purchasing the TE2100 satellite pro and would appreciate any 
> comments relating
> to its compatibility with FBSD, preferably 4.8.

I'm typing this message on my Sat Pro 2100 running FreeBSD 4.8 and it
works like a charm. The only thing that probably doesn't work is the
built-in softmodem but I haven't really tried it so this is just a

The built-in network card is a Intel Pro 100 and works fine with the
fxp driver as does the build-in wireless card (a Lucent Embedded
WaveLAN) which uses the wi driver.

The only issue I currently have is that suspending under X crashes the
box which is the fault of the nvidia driver (which you should install
to use dual-head and other nice things -
/usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver). But this is only a minor problem for me
as I just switch to a console with Ctrl-Alt-Fx and then suspending
works without any problem.

In short: This thing is really nice and works pretty well under
FreeBSD 4.8. The keyboard isn't as good as Toshiba's used to be but
still ok to work with.

Hope the above helps!

Sincerely yours, Hank
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