Support for O2Micro Card Bridges?

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Apr 30 10:18:25 PDT 2003

On 30-Apr-2003 Dermot McNally wrote:
> Hello M.,
> On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, 05:46:36, you wrote:
> MWL> : cbb: Unable to map IRQ...
> MWL> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is the problem.
> MWL> : device_probe_and_attach: cbb0 attach returned 12
> That's what I figured - but it seems to match with what others have
> seen.
> MWL> What kind of laptop do you have?
> It goes by the name of Targa Visionary, which may not be very useful,
> as it's a pretty generic (though recent enough) model, sold through
> the "Lidl" chain of shops. Lidl is quite like Aldi, a chain of German
> origin with shops throughout Europe and possibly beyond. I know that
> Lidl often handles stuff with the Gericom badge, which I've seen
> discussed here, so perhaps my laptop has similar hardware to Gericoms.
> If there's anything I should try, do let me know, I'll do what I can
> to get this working.

It seems that our ACPI code doesn't like your laptop. :-/

> pcib0: _PRS resource entry has unsupported type 2

Can you send me a copy of your ASL dump?


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