Thinkpad X31 users?

Peter Radcliffe pir at
Mon Apr 28 15:21:23 PDT 2003

MC <mc at> probably said:
> Can you boot off a USB device? I have used a Thinkpad 570 and an X20
> with FreeBSD and I'm thinking about upgrading to a X31, but I don't
> want a docking station. On the 570 I installed from an external floppy
> disk drive and when I was installing the X20 I simply removed the hard
> disk drive and inserted it into a bigger Thinkpad, booted off floppy
> and installed over the network, then moved the disk back to the X20.

I can boot from a USB floppy drive (actually my sony vaio floppy drive
from my last machine, I assume the IBM ones have the same OEM drive

You can also get the IBM ultrabay 2000 floppy drive (current IBM model
number 08K9603) and a cable (current IBM model number 27L0524. Yes, it
says it's for the T series but it works fine with my X30) to plug it
into the parallel port of the X30 and have a real floppy device not
something pretending to be a floppy device - this matters to some

Either drive (USB or ultrabay 2000) are quite cheap on ebay.


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