netgear ma311 failures (wi0 driver)

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Mon Apr 21 18:11:05 PDT 2003

Thanks very much -

I would like to take you up on your kind offer.

Could you email the scripts to me at this address with a cc

TaskMaster at

Thank you so much

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> On Monday 21 April 2003 02:51 pm, vizion communication
> > Does anyone know a good way of ensuring that wi0 only
> > accepted communications from a specific access point
> > address and ssid)?
> I have a script I've written that lets you define a set of
acceptable networks
> and priorities for each.  This is useful for me, because I
move between three
> or four distinct networks day to day, and at times I can
see more than one.
> I'll be happy to share if you're interested, but it might
be overkill for
> what you're doing.
> It's currently written in Ruby, so be warned.  I'm porting
to to sh.
> On a related note, can a bourne shell guru drop me a line
and tell me how to
> for-loop over -lines- in a file instead of -words- in a
file?  I've tried
> changing the delimiter characters with no luck. :-)
> -Cliff L. Biffle
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