mips ptrace.S fix

Rui Paulo rpaulo at freebsd.org
Wed Feb 3 10:49:42 UTC 2010

On 3 Feb 2010, at 03:06, C. Jayachandran wrote:

> The ptrace system call implementation seems to have a bug, we need to
> save ra and gp before calling the __error, and that will need a stack
> frame.
> I've attached a patch that should fix this for o32 ABI - but it really
> should be written with ABI-independent macros, any clue on how to do
> this which will take care of n32/64 too will be helpful.
> I also have some initial patches for making gdb work on MIPS. . That
> patch is also attached, but it is work in progress, only the static
> executables work now.

I think you forgot the attachments or they were stripped out.

Rui Paulo

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