Is the MIPS kernel buildable from HEAD?

Juli Mallett jmallett at
Wed Aug 25 21:49:44 UTC 2010

Hi Patrick,

Those aren't errors per se; if nothing is happening after that,
something else is wrong.  If you aren't using a recent U-Boot, I
suggest installing a recent U-Boot.  If you are using a recent U-Boot
and know how to recompile it, I can send you patches that might help.
There is an unused data structure, linux_app_boot_info_t, which
clobbers some of the memory used for launching multiple processors in
U-Boot 1.9.0.  I have patches to remove it if you would like to give
that a try.


On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 14:34, Patrick Mahan <PMahan at> wrote:
> Warner,
> I'm trying to build it for a Cavium eval board EBT5800 -  and I am getting
> the following error(s):
> Octeon ebt5800# bootoctlinux 20000000
> ELF file is 32 bit
> Skipping non LOAD program header (type 0x6)
> Skipping non LOAD program header (type 0x3)
> Skipping non LOAD program header (type 0x70000000)
> Have you seen this?
> This is trying to build it with OCTEON1-32 configuration file.
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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>> : Is it possible to build the MIPS kernel from HEAD?  Or is the
>> : current development still external to the HEAD branch?
>> Yes.  The tip of head is where the mips action is these days.  There
>> is no external development branch.
>> There is one issue, however.  If you are building for one of the
>> 64-bit processors a 64-bit kernel, then the required userland won't
>> build.  There's still issues that need to be sorted out...
>> Warner
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