Broadcom MIPS progress

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Mon May 7 16:10:42 UTC 2007

Today's news.

My checkout of mips2 has been hacked to use CFE for probing memory 
regions and console i/o instead of uart(4). This now works. The CFE 
arena is preserved by FreeBSD on boot, and the correct amount of onboard 
memory is detected.

The reason I stopped using uart(4) is because the backplane bus will 
occupy the entire region on nexus for itself -- Siba is going to need 
that region to allocate rman regions for uart as a child device.

I will most likely try porting the SiliconBackplane bus enumeration 
that's in bleeding-edge brcm support for Linux 2.6, which is much 
cleaner than the Broadcom code floating around, not to mention closer to 
NEWBUS in architecture.


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