FreeBSD/MIPS Status

juli mallett jmallett at
Thu Apr 29 10:21:25 PDT 2004


So I've gotten a lot of emails asking for status of the MIPS stuff
lately, so I'll run through real quicklike.  First off, I only seem
to have gumption and time enough to work on this a weekend or two
every couple of months.  At this point, that's been enough to get
to where I am now, but it's not enough that I'll have something the
average person can "test" for another cycle or two of development.

Right now, it's almost entirely free of NetBSD code, it's all 64-bit
MIPS3+ stuff.  I've done some work outside of P4 to get this going a
little on my Broadcom board, but that's on a dead disk now.  The SB1
console is easy enough that it wouldn't be much work to get things
going...  The rest of the BSP is fairly minor at this point...  So most
of the time, I've worked with my purple Indigo2, the teal one having
been retired.  The TLB, etc., stuff all seems straightforward, and I
think it's just a weekend's work to get all the userspace changes to
PMAP and the TLB code.  So right now, my problem is getting the system
to context switch.  I think I screwed up the clock code, because
hardclock() never seems to want to cxsw.  Once I do that, I suspect
I'll find one or two screwups in the cxsw code, and then on to

When I've not been poking at clock code, I've been poking at getting
bus space stuff straightened out so I can commit something usable for
attaching all the busses I need to get to my Ethernet NIC in the I2.
That's because I'm not too keen on working on disk code for it, as part
of "small amounts of work."

So at this point the port runs to SI_SUB_RUN_SCHEDULER or whatever, by
which I mean the kernel gets to run all its startup code that doesn't
require context switching to a kernel thread.

The other thing mostly asked for is easy access to source, etc.  I have
a machine set up syncing to P4 as part of a cron-job, and I intend to
have it make SUP visible to the outside world.  A Saturday of work.

Sorry things are taking so long, but relatively proud of what's there
so far, and the important lessons on debugging, FreeBSD, etc., I've
learned along the way.  Hope to have something fun to show everyone...
In a few months.  And it'll "kick ass."

juli mallett.  jmallett at  adrift in the pacific.

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