Current status of FBSD/MIPS(sgimips)

Juli Mallett jmallett at
Tue Apr 29 00:19:52 PDT 2003


So after a weekend+ of integrating code from NetBSD and testing and
so on fairly steadily, the current status is:
	the kernel boots up to the copyright...
	it tries to go a little further but inadequacies of VM and
		pmap mean that it blows up a little bit after that.
	the watchdog initialises..
	we switch from the boot exception vector to our own.
	unless there are printfs or other such fluff in various
		places, the kernel blows up in deterministic but
		non-sensical ways.
	cpu information is printed prematurely to make sure things
		are going fine.

Important code like cache control stuff and exceptions and the
'ip22.c' file and related infrastructure from NetBSD have been
brought over, and it's getting fairly trivial to bring over more
mips code from NetBSD.  That is less true in the case of pmap or
device drivers, of course.

Anyone with p4 access who wants to double-check, fix, test, or
clean up what's there is welcome to.  I will try to get a new
diff generated some time soon, but I'm still lagging behind with
getting a few local hacks either into p4, or reverted.


PS: I've been doing all my testing on a purple R4400 IP22 (250MHz),
teal R4400 IP22 (175MHz), and a R4600 Indy (133MHz), with the
latter beign the least tested, as the nature of the beast is quite
juli mallett. email: jmallett at; aim: bsdflata; efnet: juli;

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