Been trying to get a hold of you

Sat Jan 1 23:22:54 UTC 2011

Hello ,

Its been quite a long time. Business took me out of the United States and now I am back. While I was gone to Asia for a deal at the Dubai Trade Center I had a whole lot of people owing me, now that I am back, I will be needing your assistance in collecting a few of the debts owed my company. I really need a handful of people to help me do this.

Payment will be sent to you via Wire Transfers through Western Union. No checks, no money orders. Please I have already informed all my debtors that I will be having funds received via wire transfers only. If you can be one my debt collecting personel, all you have to do is say "Yes" and I will tell you what to do and receive my funds electronically into your bank account without exposing your account information on the internet. You stand to earn 15% of each debt you collect, but the minimum you can collect per week, will be $10,000 meaning, you will have to keep about $1500 or more weekly as your commission. This is a part time offer and you don't have to visit anyone to get funds, just the calls.

As always,

Mr. Bruce P. Kerzic

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