FreeBSD Systems Administration vacancy in Vancouver, BC

HR - Digifonica hr at
Tue Jun 6 18:46:28 UTC 2006

Digifonica Canada Limited is seeking a SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR to join
their Burnaby office.

The System Administrator will assist the Senior Systems Administrator in
managing the efficient operation of the company's large multi-site
network of production servers and Cisco routers/switches.  This includes
the management of resources related to equipment, information and financial.

Responsible for assisting with:
1.Overseeing all corporate and operational Unix production servers and
Cisco 5300 routers/switches of a large, global, multi-site network using
2.Maintaining, monitoring and configuring system and network.
3.Ensuring documentation, security and back-up processes are in place
and current.
4.Scripting for task automation.
5.Ensuring consistency of server configurations.
6.Monitoring systems but looking at ways to always improve the current
7.Establishing /recommending policies on system use and services.
8.Ensuring high quality standards for equipment and network.
9.Working under general direction from senior management.
10.Any other duties as assigned.

Human Resource Management
None at this time.

Information Resources
1.System monitoring
2.Documentation preparation


Minimum: Formal education an asset.

Previous Experience
2 – 3 years of system administration experience working with 50+ Unix
servers in a multi-location environment
Experience with, and a solid understanding of, networking /distributed
computing environment concepts; understands principles of routing,
client/server programming, etc.
Technology:  SNMP, PKI, MySQL and backup management
Experience with global Unix architecture
Extensive experience with FreeBSD
Experience with Cisco i.e. CCNA level preferred
Experience with TCP/IP networking protocols; ability to debug and
program at the network level
Experience installing / configuring DNS/BIND
Experience with network security i.e. building firewalls, deploying
authentication systems, deployment and management of VPN's or applying
cryptography to network operations
Experience with host security
Experience developing / implementing a site disaster recovery plan
Experience using relational databases and using MySQL
Familiar with current releases and patches
Familiar with current best practices.

 Key Competencies
Communication skills: High
Writing: able to write documentation, proposals, etc.
Oral: able to communicate effectively with peers, management
Computer Literacy: High
Programming skills:  Ability to program using Shell scripting
Crisis management: Able to handle crisis in calm effective manner
Organizational ability: High; multi-tasking abilities an asset
Attention to detail: High in reference to quality and documentation
Interpersonal skills: Strong
External interactions: Co-location facilities
Internal interactions:  Operations and R&D personnel
Decision-making skills: High; i.e. able to identify tasks which require
automation and automate them
Problem-solving skills: High; able to solve problems quickly and completely.

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