BSD Kernel Developer

Karen Owens karowens at
Thu Jun 16 19:02:47 GMT 2005

A great company in Columbia, Maryland is looking for an experienced
BSD kernel developer!  This company offers AMAZING benefits and is
working on a contract with the Department of Defense!  I have included
the job description.  Please feel free to call me on my office number,
703.818.2044, or email me at kowens at, if you are interested
in learning more about this opportunity!

Company Size:  mid-sized (1200 employees)
Project/Product:  McAfee Anti-virus software

Position Title: Kernel Developer/SW Developer

Building, modifying, and debugging BSD kernels, ideally to production
quality requirements

Work in a self-directed and independent manner 

Familiar with the research and development model we apply, which is
similar to that in universities or other commercial R&D labs

Past research publications a plus 

2+ years experience in Kernel Development

Experienced BSD kernel developer required 

Darwin experience also desired 

Should have a strong background in kernel development, including past
experience with the BSD VFS, process model, and network stack

Development experience with FreeBSD and Darwin a plus 

Specific development experience adding security features, especially
trusted operating system features particularly desirable Also
desirable is a background in TCP/IP standards, experience with diverse
networks and environments, and specific experience in analyzing TCP
and other network traffic in real-world environments

Specific past experience in modifying TCP implementations, especially
for performance purposes in high volume or diverse/asymmetric
communication environments (such as packet radio, satellite) would be
highly desirable

Useful background would include the modification of applications to
improve operation in diverse and weakly connected computing

Experience implementing services such as TCP SACK or TCP over
satellite would be highly desirable


BS in any of the following disciplines: Computer Science, Electrical
Engineering, Math



Karen M. Owens
Aerotek, Inc.
12801 Fairlakes Parkway
Suite 150
Fairfax, VA 22033
(703) 818-2020

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