SA for hire

Radoslaw Zasiadczuk kvik at
Wed Aug 11 10:03:05 PDT 2004


I'm looking for Unix System Administrator job
in UK/Ireland (preferred London, where I'm now).

Experience: Linux/Unix administration more than 4 years,
PHP+MySQL programming about 4 years.


Professional Skills:
   system administration: Linux (PLD, RedHat, Slackware,
      Debian), Unix (*BSD),
   services: WWW, mail, DNS, SNMP, NFS, NIS, samba,
   database administration: MySQL, PostgreSQL
   TCP/IP networking, network setup (hubs, switches, vlans),
   web and system developing, languages: PHP, C, C++, Pascal,
      Delphi, shell scripts, HTML+CSS, JavaScript, SQL
   working knowledge of network devices configuration: Cisco, Intel,
      Lucent, Zyxel, Patton, Schmid


Full CV:

best regards,
Radoslaw Zasiadczuk

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