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Tue Aug 3 12:30:26 PDT 2004

* richard childers / kg6hac (fscked at [040803 15:04]:
> I think the question is whether two years of professional work is 
> sufficient to qualify as 'senior'.
> I would not hire someone who misrepresented themselves; and seniority, 
> while relative, is not something that one accrues in less time than it 
> takes to get an AA.
> If I include all the time I spent working with computers before I got my 
> first job, why, I'd have -thirty- years of experience ... not twenty.

Ok, I've had it.

No one's judging your experience, but it's clear you are judging his.
This shouldn't be a list for ridiculing others in the same position we
are all in, this should be a list for helping each other get jobs in
FreeBSD to promote and aid the cause of FreeBSD proliferation.  Your
actions are directly counterproductive. 

He has stated that he has more actual job experience than is on the
resume, but has chosen to only show the last three jobs.  Frankly,
I disagree with that -- the "keep your resume to one page" is not
entirely true, but that is his choice for his resume.  It in no way
reflects on your obviously prolific resume, so stop attacking him
as though you are being attacked yourself.

Regardless, according to the SAGE guidelines, one only needs over
five years of experience to be considered a senior level SysAdmin,
so he is quite within the qualifications by experience:

So the entire argument is moot anyway.


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