Payment + FreeBSD Donation offered in return for fast vn fix

John Kozubik john at
Fri Oct 3 06:22:26 PDT 2003

There has been some talk lately of a very old (I have seen it since
4.4-RELEASE) and insidious bug that causes FreeBSD systems with lots of
vn-backed filesystems to crash/halt when large/long file accesses inside
those vn-backed filesystems are performed.

This has become a serious problem for me in the past few weeks, and I need
a solution for it.  I am offering a modest cash payment (via paypal) up
front, plus an ongoing donation to the FreeBSD project over the next few
months in return for speedy (1-2 weeks) development of a solution.  This
assumes that, since the actual problem has long since been identified,
that this will not be a large job.  It also assumes that this has not
coincidentally been fixed in the last two weeks.

Please contact me off-list.



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