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Wed Dec 3 17:26:00 PST 2003


My name is Egor Rukhvadze. I'm looking for a job in US as a UNIX/FreeBSD system administrator and/or network administrator that lets me utilize my experience in an Internet Service Providing (ISP).

Name: Egor M. Rukhvadze.
Birthday: April 13 1973.

  Phone number: home +7 (095) 126-41-84 (8AM-1PM PST or 8AM-4PM EST).
  Cell: +7 (903) 792-31-53
  e-mail: gara at mail.ru
  ICQ# 74466661


2003-present Post-graduate student of Moscow State Institute of Electronics & Mathematics (Technical University).

1994-2000 Master's degree in "Network engineering". Major - Computational systems and networks. Moscow State Institute of Electronics & Mathematics (Technical University)

1990-1992 Bachelor's degree in "Computational systems and networks". Georgian Technical University, Department of Computing Machinery.


Brainbench Unix Administrator (General), TCP/IP Administrator, Network Technical Support, Perl, Apache Administrator.


  * Operating systems:

    Linux / FreeBSD (work over 5 years), All Windows platforms.

  * Programming:    
      Perl, C/C++, HTML, SQL, PHP - Perfect, unix shells,.
      awk/sed, Python - have a little experence.
  * Networking:
      FreeBSD routers, transparent ethernet bridge, differentiated Services,
      traffic counter, traffic shaper, packet filtering.
      A solid understanding of routing and routing protocols (Policy
      routing and RIP/OSPF) and able to troubleshoot network
      Ethernet, FastEthernet, HPNA, VPN/PPTP, PPP.      
  * Databases:

      MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL.

  * Software:
      Routing: route, zebra. 
      WWW: Apache with php with MySQL with SSL, squid. 
      Networking: mpd, nmap, tcpdump, mrtg, isc-dhcp.
      Mail postfix, exim, pop3d, courier-imap ; Multi domain mail system, users account stored in MySQL.
      Security: sudo,  drweb.
      Databases: DBI, postgresql, mysql, msql. 
      DNS: isc-bind, isc-bind with MySQL (dlz-driver - zone store in MySQL) and etc.       

     All software was build using source codes.


May 2001 - present   
Title:   Senior Unix system administrator 
Company: ISP "Realnet Network" (Moscow) www.realnet.ru
         Cabling system (Ethernet at UTP & Wave LAN.) provider for home users. "Home network".

        Hardware:                       IBM PC compatibles, Wave LAN, SCSI (raid).
        Operating system:               UNIX: FreeBSD, Linux
        Programming languages:          C++, SQL, PHP, Perl, Shell.
        Database:                       MySQL
        Server Software:                BIND(DNS), Apache(http+ssl), EXIM(smtp), POP3d,
                                        ProFTP, FireWall & etc.
        Network/Communication:          TCP/IP, RIP, OSPF,  IPSec,Tunelling,VPN, DHCP.

· Maintenance multi processor servers.
· Maintenance virtual hosting server (web & mail server).
· Accident prevention Servers and local network.
· Backup/Restore management.
· Router & Firewall administration for Internet connection.
· Creating & Maintaining traffic counting system (Billing).
· VPN.
· DiffServ.

Aug 2000 - Apr 2001
Title:    Senior Unix system administrator/System analyst.
Company:  "InternetGroup" (Moscow) www.internetgroup.ru.
          Marketing & branding. Web development. Design. Hosting & Maintenance.
· Maintenance multi processor servers connected to Internet via high- speed optic lines
· Maintenance virtual Web & Mail server (over 30 web & 10 mail server)
· Accident prevention Servers and local network
· Backup
· Firewall Administration for Internet connection  

Sep 1997 - Aug 2000     
Title:      System Administrator/System analyst
Company:    " Marta " (Moscow) www.marta.ru.
            Exclusive design of office buildings & apartments.

· Planning Network Topology (Architecture)
· Network and Server Hardware
· SQL, Mail, Web & Proxy server administration
· FireWall administration for Internet connections
· Development of different modules for Finance

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