unsuccessful compiling of port postgresql-jdbc with openjdk7

Achilleas Mantzios achill at matrix.gatewaynet.com
Fri Oct 21 11:00:59 UTC 2011

Στις Friday 21 October 2011 12:24:39 ο/η Jan jurak έγραψε:
> On 10/19/2011 07:40 AM, Achilleas Mantzios wrote:
> > Στις Monday 17 October 2011 11:28:30 ο/η Jan jurak έγραψε:
> >> Thank you for response/informations Ronald,
> >>
> >> Compiling with OpenJDK6 works, but maintaner of runing application do
> >> not recommend this JDK.
> > I don't know which jdk they do recommend, but i find it strange to prefer OpenJDK7 over OpenJDK6 .
> Maintainer recommend SUN JDK version 6 update 16 and higher.
> Unfortunatelly native java from port java/JDK16 was refused by
> application because outdated. I am testing right now OpenJDK7 and
> java/linux-sun-jdk16.

So in openjdk terms, that's equivalent to saying the pgsql guys recommend openjdk6.
I have done myself many compilations of the pgsql jdbc driver without issues.

That said, stay away from diablo, java/linux-sun-jdk16, native java/jdk16, etc...
Currently you would want to run everything with openjdk6.

Java7 is a little too early, at least for my tastes.

> > Did you bring this up in jdbc-postgresql?
> No. Patch from Barbara http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=161040
> updated driver version from 8.1 to 9.3. I guess the issue with OpenJDK7
> was by postgreql-jdbc community already fixed.
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Achilleas Mantzios

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