AW: Question Update Java Security Updates

Roger Marquis marquis at
Thu Mar 10 16:17:21 UTC 2011

Andriy Gapon wrote:
>>> Agreed, we should probably switch the default JDK to openjdk6.
>> Really, even considering the large number of security issues openjdk has
>> had and is expected to continue to having for the foreseeable future?
>> Sounds like a recipe for pain among FreeBSD default JDK users or at least
>> those whose primary criteria for a JDK are compatibility and security.
> Is having very old "official" JDK any better?

Old or new is not a criteria many sysadmins value relative to the pain of
upgrading.  The time and effort to upgrade applications and servers every
few years vs several times a year can make or break the choice of an OS,
and used to be FreeBSD's strong suite vis-a-vis Linux.

> I don't think we get many (any?) security updates for them lately.

The reason for that is that they haven't been necessary.  This cannot be
said for openjdk, not yet at least.

Roger Marquis

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