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Kees Jan Koster kjkoster at
Mon Aug 1 07:29:53 UTC 2011

Dear Tiernan,

>> Thank you for the suggested fix. Other than running Minecraft, do you have any way to reproduce this?
> I've only encountered it running Minecraft, but I'm pretty sure that anything heavily using libz in a similar fashion (Java or otherwise) would trigger it because (see below)

Or encode PNGs, as my code does. :)

>> Also, can you please dig a little to find where you found this? I'd like to file a bug report for this. If you can't there is no man overboard, but I like to be thorough.
> After a quick Google I found the source of the patch - <> - Although the fix was actually for the same bug in perl, not Java, hence my comment above.
> By the looks of it that patch has been MFC'd to 8-STABLE as of the 21st of July.

Thank you for looking this up for me.

I installed an 8-STABLE with the fix last night. Interestingly, this also resolves a problem where I would see excessive CPU usage on the PNG encoding process. Likely the segfault is related to high CPU usage.

I cannot say for sure that this is the case, though. I did a full world install.
Kees Jan
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