Thanks for all the hard work

Dwayne MacKinnon dmk at
Tue Oct 5 15:27:21 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I'm aware that maintaining a large port like openjdk for FreeBSD is a huge 
undertaking. I would like to thank all involved for making the effort. I've 
been using FreeBSD as my primary system for close to 9 years now, and having a 
current, reliable java is very useful to me.

I'd like to draw special attention to the recent effort to port over IcedTea's 
java browser plugin. I need a plugin for two reasons: webchats and 
administering Cisco products. Both are working flawlessly for me with IcedTea.

Quick question: has anyone noticed odd behaviour with java text entry boxes 
and the intel xserver? In my webchats on my Intel graphics boxes I can't see 
what I'm typing, but on my nvidia box at home there's no such problem.

Thanks again!

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