jboss5 start/stop not working

Horst Leitenmueller horst.leitenmueller at liwest.at
Sun May 2 09:08:30 UTC 2010


i have a question on jboss5 port ver 5.1 the start/stop is not working,
the pidfile is not written correct because the 
pgrep -U www -f org.jboss.Main does not find anything...

my system freebsd 7.2 diablo jdk 1.6

with ps -faux i see
11433  ??  IJ     2:44.49 [java]    // this is the jboss running

add info: all is running inside a jail!!

how could i fix / or could it be fixed?

thanx for answer
br horst

Same sent to freebsd forum, but no reply till

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