Question about a trademark license agreement with Sun

Yoshio.Uomori at Yoshio.Uomori at
Tue Mar 9 08:22:27 UTC 2010


I have a question about a trademark license agreement with Sun of diablo-jre1.6.

In my case, is a this license necessary? 
And, please teach me about my operation.

My case is below description.

I am developing the application by diablo-JDK1.6.
And I am going to develop a LiveCD based on FreeBSD.
In LiveCD, developed application is installed.
Therefore , I need to install JRE for this application.

LiveCD will be distributed for someone.
This CD is free.
I think that this CD do not have any problem about installing JRE.
However, I can not know the purpose of this CD user.
User may use this CD for the commercial purpose.
I cannot know it.

Best Regards,
Yoshio Uomori
System and Control Research Center, Corporate R&D Headquaters, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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