OpenJDK6 and NetBeans: Who can use non-English fonts on NetBeans?

Brian Gardner brian at
Tue Mar 3 13:37:53 PST 2009

That's fine.  Currently it doesn't appear to install the file all together.  Based on everybody comments 
here are my suggestions, I'm not sure it's entirely possible. 
1) place a default upsteam (bsd-port/jdk7, and my 
patch) that relies only on completely free, GNUV2, or other less 
restrictive licenses.
2) in the port Makefile detect when the system langaunge is Japanese or 
when japanese fonts are installed, and add the default free font 
japenese/vlgothic as a runtime prereq.  Also add a configure option to 
use the ipa_fonts, that would add the japanese/ipa-ttfonts as a runtime 
prereq and adds a special version that utilizes 
these fonts.  This could even be the default if the Japanese openjdk6 
community decided this was best.

Daichi GOTO wrote:
> Maho NAKATA wrote:
>> Hi Daichi-kun and Brian,
>> Brian: I'd like to include Daichi-san's patch for fixing Japanese 
>> font issue.
>> Please approve.
>> From: Daichi GOTO <daichi at>
>> Subject: Re: OpenJDK6 and NetBeans: Who can use non-English fonts on 
>> NetBeans?
>> Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 12:06:48 +0900
>>> How about integrate my included
>>> to OpenJDK6 ports as a patch usder java/openjdk6/files?
>>> I guess not bad suggestion ;-)
>> Daichi-kun, no problem. Have you signed to SCA so that your patch can
>> be integrated into the upstream?
> Give me a way how to sign up that :)  Can I complete that on-line work
> only?  Or do I need to send real air mail?
>> Best,
>> -- Nakata Maho ,
>>    Nakata Maho's PGP public keys:

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