Jboss 5.0 GA diablo-jdk 1.6/ jdk16 and jboss5ctl

SAITOU Toshihide toshi at ruby.ocn.ne.jp
Tue Mar 3 04:11:14 PST 2009

In message: <1236071371.93150.11.camel at lap01>
            Horst Leitenmueller <horst.leitenmueller at liwest.at> writes:
> hi Saitou,
> error still exists here some more details on my problem
> 1) i added information of you point 1. didn't solve the problem
> 2) looked at the server config dir  mod is: www:www 644
> add info jboss is running inside a jail with part of read only directory
> and part of rw directory /s/ is rw
> on amd64 all is running smooth, on i386 it fails ?! i extracted the
> important information from both systems....

I'm using ports/java/openjdk6 on i386 machine without jail.

> i hope you can help me 

I am a beginner about JBoss so I wouldn't help you, sorry.
But is this occur outside a jail.


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