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> >> No idea, sorry. I always use the native build, because if I
> >> run into problems, they can be fixed by the Java porting
> >> team. The linux package is not open to such fixes.
> >
> > How do you manage to build native jdk? It depends on linux
> > emulated jdk package (which core dumps for me).
> Hum. You ran into the bootstrap problem. Blech, I remember that one  
> from way back when I hacked at the DEC Alpha port a little.  
> Technically, building the JDK depends on any working JVM, not the  
> linux one per se.
> There are two paths for you to take; find a working JVM for your box  
> and edit the port dependency so that it uses that JVM, or do the  
> bootstrap on another machine.

Actually, only a few java commands are needed to be run by
another java instance during the build.  The attached documents
how I went about getting a native jdk15 running for amd64.

It can be done, but it's a little quirky to set up.


- Håvard
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