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Thu May 8 17:35:26 UTC 2008

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Ernst de Haan wrote:
> Chuck,
>> Anyhow, I run 8.0-current, and remember how the threading was swapped
>> out a few months back?  Will that pointer do (any of the images on
>> that page)
>> for a system that runs native?  I'd sure be pleased to note that, but
>> I'm a bit skeptical.
> "Native" as in no linuxulator? It's a native JDK, so I'd be surprised if
> it would require anything other than a base system.
> I know nothing about (in)compatibility with 8-CURRENT. I'd say give it a
> try and let us know... :)

I found out a compatibility hack that might let it work, I'm downloading, but I
need one more question answered: I found a set of 3 java ports I wanted
(eclipse, poseidon, and simplicity), and it sure makes me worry, what with
eclipse and simplicity seemingly each wanting precisely it;'s own version of
Java, it almost seems like you'd need to have ALL of the java's installed in
order to run even a few Java ports, correct?  I sure hope I'm wrong.

Anyhow, I'm going to try experimenting, but I need a good definition of what a
couple of standard Java variables are, like JAVA_HOME, or CLASSPATH (is that one
still in common use?) and JDK_HOME or JRE_HOME?

I'm going to experiment with all 3 of those ports, so I want to get the
JAVA_HOME *exactly* right, so I don't accidentally blame the java, when it's
really my wrong settings of variables.  I last programmed in Java about 10 years
ago, so I know most of the internals, but I have either forgotten the JAVA_HOME
or I never knew it too well to begin with.

> Cheers,
> Ernst
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