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Mon Mar 31 00:29:46 PDT 2008

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 02:00:15AM -0400, Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> On ????????? 24 ???????? 2008, Daniel Eischen wrote:
> = > I'd love to use the native java with the native browser, but I /also/
> = > need the ICA Citrix plugin in the same session, which is only available
> = > for Linux.
> = 
> = Do you really need the ICA Citrix plugin? ?Can you get by
> = with net/{gkx}rdesktop?
> Yes, I really do need Citrix... The remote access "solution" I'm trying to use
> was designed by people I don't even know, much less have any influence over.
> Also, using linux-firefox is the ONLY solution for Java plugin on amd64 -- the
> native plugin is not available on 64-bit platforms due to an unfortunate bug 
> (Sun's -- a pointer is cast to an explicitly 32-bit integer), which FreeBSD 
> are yet to locally patch:
> The patch is rather trivial, but it is a different subject...

First, the native ports do support the Java plugin on amd64.  In fact,
BSD is the only OS that I know of to support the plugin on amd64.
Second, the work to make the plugin 64 bit clean was far from trivial,
so you either didn't read the bug you've linked to or you're being

> So, what about linux-jdk and linux-firefox? Is not our linuxulator somewhat 
> incomplete without this combo working perfectly?
> I can add more details -- linux-sun-jdk16 never works (hangs). linux-sun-jdk15
> works sometimes (about 40% of the time), other times it dumps "java core" in 
> the form of an hs_err*.log file and the browser needs restarting...
> Once again, does anybody have Java plugin working in linux-firefox?
> 	-mi
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