linux-jdk and linux-firefox

Mikhail Teterin mi+kde at
Sun Mar 30 23:25:56 PDT 2008

On понеділок 24 березень 2008, Daniel Eischen wrote:
= > I'd love to use the native java with the native browser, but I /also/
= > need the ICA Citrix plugin in the same session, which is only available
= > for Linux.
= Do you really need the ICA Citrix plugin?  Can you get by
= with net/{gkx}rdesktop?

Yes, I really do need Citrix... The remote access "solution" I'm trying to use 
was designed by people I don't even know, much less have any influence over.

Also, using linux-firefox is the ONLY solution for Java plugin on amd64 -- the 
native plugin is not available on 64-bit platforms due to an unfortunate bug 
(Sun's -- a pointer is cast to an explicitly 32-bit integer), which FreeBSD 
are yet to locally patch:

The patch is rather trivial, but it is a different subject...

So, what about linux-jdk and linux-firefox? Is not our linuxulator somewhat 
incomplete without this combo working perfectly?

I can add more details -- linux-sun-jdk16 never works (hangs). linux-sun-jdk15 
works sometimes (about 40% of the time), other times it dumps "java core" in 
the form of an hs_err*.log file and the browser needs restarting...

Once again, does anybody have Java plugin working in linux-firefox?


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