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Eirik Øverby ltning at anduin.net
Wed Mar 19 16:34:56 UTC 2008

On Mar 19, 2008, at 16:34, Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Achilleas Mantzios wrote:
>> Oliver Fromme wrote:
>>> What is the difference between ports/java/diablo-jdk15
>>> and ports/java/jdk15?  Which of them should be used?
>> ports/java/diablo-jdk15 is the ports way of installing the
>> binary package, you can do the same with pkg_add -r.
> I see.  So I basically get the same result as downloading
> the package from freebsdfoundation.org (which is not what
> I want).
> Thanks for answering!
>>> So far I have only used the Sun-blessed binary package
>>> from the FreeBSD foundation download page, so I don't
>>> know much about the various ports.  However, those
>>> packages are now quite old, so I would like to build
>>> an up-to-date JDK for FreeBSD 7.  Which port should
>>> be used for that?
>> For FreeBSD 7.0, you will have to install misc/compat6x
> But it's only required for the bootstrap, right?
> I.e. when I have built the JDK successfully, I don't
> need compat6x anymore, I assume.
> Thinking about it ...  When I compile my own JDK anyway,
> I could just as well go for the JDK 1.6 instead of 1.5.
> Are there any known problems with building JDK 1.6 on
> FreeBSD/amd64 7.0?  Anything I should be aware of?

Anecdotal evidence: We tried, for a short while, 1.6 on 6.3 for a very  
busy tomcat driven site, noticed no ill effects but also no  
immediately noticeable changes in system load, etc.

> The JDK is going to be used on several 8-core amd64
> machines with 64 GB RAM to run tomcat-based CMS for a
> very busy web site.  No need to say, stability is top-
> priority.

On comparable hardware (less RAM, though), and tomcat driven apps, we  
saw a *real* improvement going to 7.0/1.6 from 6.3/1.5. If the initial  
numbers hold up, we can cancel the next two rounds of "throwing  
hardware at the problem" as traffic goes up.

Unfortunately, I have not yet repeated the 1.6 vs 1.5 experiment on 7.
And of course, different applications bring out different parts of  
tomcat and the library stack, so your mileage may vary wildly.


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